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2018 07 19 Amanda Seyfried


Marvels Cloak and Dagger

Ghost Stories – Tandy and Melissa prepare to commemorate the 8th anniversary of Nathan’s passing with their annual memorial tradition. When Tandy gets a key piece of information regarding her father, she uses this day to try and finally clear her father’s name. Meanwhile, Tyrone’s parents prefer not to mark the day Billy passed, but Tyrone’s need to keep Billy’s memory alive causes conflict among the three. Deciding today is the day he gets a confession out of Det. Connors, Tyrone goes to Det. O’Reilly for help.


Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce

Rule #1: Keep the Toast Short – Abby must face the future and all its unknowns, after her daughter headed off to college and Barbara moving to New York; Phoebe frets that her newfound romance with Tess will be over before it starts; Delia must decide how to handle her unexpected pregnancy; Jo must decide between Frumpkis and Albert; all the girlfriends gather to celebrate Lilly’s graduation; and a surprising coda answers many questions.



I Don’t Want to Lose You Yet – A medical scare gets Avery and Juliette talking. Scarlett and Sean organize a ranch benefit. Gunnar gets inspired. Avery questions a relationship. Maddie tests Twig. Deacon learns a secret.


Jimmy Fallon 2018 07 19 720p HDTV x264-SORNY

2018 07 19 Pierce Brosnan


Conan 2018 07 19 720p WEB x264-TBS

2018 07 19 Olivia Munn


Southern Charm S05E15 720p 1080p WEB x264-TBS

Season 05, Episode 15 – “Southern Charm Reunion Part One”

After a season of betrayals, accusations and stunning revelations, the cast of Southern Charm come together to face the music and each other, minus one Charmer. When Naomie explains why she was on the offensive this season, Craig takes a page from the #meanNaomie handbook and lashes out. Meanwhile, as Kathryn celebrates her personal growth, a rare emotional outburst from Cameran proves that motherhood has brought the two women closer and united them against common foe.


Stephen Colbert 2018 07 19 720p WEB x264-TBS

2018 07 19 Denzel Washington


Alone S05E06 720p WEB h264-TBS

Season 05, Episode 06 –“Of Mice and Men”

The remaining participants begin to crack after almost a month of solitude. One survivalist’s shelter turns into an unbearable green monster, while another takes extreme measures waging war on an uninvited guest.


Last Chance U

1. We Expect – After decades of losing, Independence Community College looks to brash coach Jason Brown to develop a winning culture and recruit talented athletes.

2. Humble Your Pie – After the rough season opener, Coach Brown questions his D1 transfers. Malik and Carlos face tough love as they fight to meet expectations.

3. Jimmys and Joes – Bad blood with his old boss fuels Brown’s fire as the newly confident Pirates welcome defending national champion Garden City to Independence.

4. Get Outta Dodge – Despite ICC’s winning streak, tensions start to boil over as Brown gets fed up with his players and coaches before and during a game in Dodge City.

5. Out of State – Brown and his players open up about their upbringings and how their relationships with family — positive and negative — shaped who they are today.

6. Neewollah – The team prepares to play during the town’s big annual festival. Bobby struggles to overcome frustration. An ICC student writes a song for the team.

7. Abracadabra – As the Pirates get ready for a shot at a conference title, recruiters from four-year schools visit and players scramble to get their grades in order.

8. Dust in The Wind – As a game against rival Coffeyville caps off the regular season, the ICC players and coaches reflect on the season and weigh their next moves.


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